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Portable Pulse Jet - 2 hp

Brand : PDCS
Product Details

This PPJ Portable pulse jet dust collection system features twin cyclones to separate and discharge larger dust particles into the steel receiving bin below. Featuring a self-cleaning cast aluminum fan wheel and easy to clean twin vertically mounted cartridge filters, this new innovative machine allows for easy maintenance through the use of the pulse jet design. By connecting your compressed airline this creates enough pressure to allow the operator to activate each of the two diaphragm valves forcing a jet of air into the cartridges, dislodging and forcing any dust on the inner surface of the cartridge down into the bottom bin. This is done all at the push of two buttons! An easy to read magnehelic gauge shows the differential pressure on the filter, so you know when it's time to clean. Filter removal is simple and emptying the bin is made easy with the retractable lid design.