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About Us

Precision Dust Collection Systems (PDCS) is a privately owned Canadian company located in Canada that has designed and produced some of the most unique filtration solutions for its North American customers using a broad range of products for air pollution control, material handling and liquid filtration projects.

On top of manufacturing our own lineup of custom made dust collection systems, PDCS is also the Ontario dealer for the worldwide known dust collector producer, Nederman dust collection products and also NordFab Ducting NordFab for a complete dust collection solution to meet your needs.

As Nedermans local distributor, we can help you design a working environment uniquely suited to your requirements - from single workplace installations to advanced system solutions. PDCS, in conjunction with Nederman, provides support that encompasses every step - from consultation and design, to installation and after sales service.

Over the years, PDCS has developed small compact and tightly integrated dust collection machines that are designed to remove dust and particulate from process lines, work areas and manufacturing equipment, to analyzing existing systems or a particular challenge in various areas of operations; customers look to Precision Dust Collection Systems for providing solutions. Large scale projects that involve complete plant solutions are also in our capacity; when it seems that you have no one else to turn to for some simple advice, prices or a starting place, a PDCS representative is only a phone call away. A generator of ideas or solutions for many years, PDCS, has been able to offer some rather unique, sometimes plain and simple approaches to many Fortune 500, medium size and even small start-up companies.

From a simple service call, to a sales call, our dedicated team can offer clear ideas and informative answers in a comfortable and caring manner to you, either in person, over the internet or by phone. Your concerns are heard, listened to, sometimes visually sketched out or even photographed so a clear idea and understanding of the issue becomes clear and is the basis towards developing a solution. All our PDCS products are manufactured in Canada, others in the USA and Taiwan and can easily be shipped right to your facility. We can also arrange installing and maintaining the equipment by our group of certified technicians and service personal and channel partners. A phone call, email or voice mail, will easily initiate our PDCS group into action to begin working on your particular problem right away and bring a solution that you are looking for....TODAY!

We are here to help, inform and work with you!