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Service and Maintenance

Precision Dust Collector's service teams recognize the undetected details that can affect dust collector maintenance and performance. Let our team provide you with a complete system and component inspection. Our on-site service teams are familiar with working within tight schedule limitations and work hard to reduce downtime. Troubleshooting and locating issues before they become a bigger problem are what our technicians do.

Our service technicians offer a broad range of dust collector services :

Service and Maintenance
  • Emergency & Fire Response
  • Powder Leak Testing
  • Collector Rebuilds
  • Structural Repair
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Fan Maintenance
  • Shaker Repair
  • Service & Inspection Reports
  • Diaphragm/Solenoid/Timer Repair and Replacement
  • Energy Audits
  • Bag & Cartridge Change-outs
  • Fabric Recommendations
  • Ongoing Technical Support

Our service technicians have protective maintenance programs which:

  • Ensures continuous emission compliance
  • Will modernize your system, duct designs and retrofits
  • Lowers air & power consumption
  • Reduces system wear
  • Maximizes production capacity

Let our service technicians take care of your dust collector service needs.